Freeze-Dried Candy Process

How to Make Freeze-Dried Space Candy

the freeze drying candy process

    1. In freeze-drying, food is frozen and placed in a strong vacuum.
    2. The water in the food then sublimates — that is, it turns straight from ice into vapor, just like what would happen in space
    3. Whether the candy is sour or sweet, freeze-dried candy will have its flavor, color compounds, and aromas preserved, while its texture is completely transformed.
    4. The freeze-drying process results in an enhanced and concentrated taste profile and a new and improved crunch of the candy. Some products will become light and airy and others will morph from chewy to brittle. Plus, the freeze-dried preservation method gives candies a faster rehydration time, which makes many of them melt in your mouth.
    5. Crispy, chewy, tender delicious candy is made!
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DID YOU KNOW: This type of tasty treat can last up to 25 years (depending on the packaging), which dramatically extends the normal shelf life and makes them perfect for space travel!

In fact, the reason astronauts eat freeze-dried foods is that they’re extremely light and compact and require no refrigeration. It costs a lot of money to launch a single pound into space (more weight requires more expensive fuel), so removing the water means that they can put more food on the rocket.

The Candy Space freeze-dried candies are fun to eat and taste incredible no matter if you’re launching into orbit or staying on Earth. For us, it’s all about the new candy-eating experience that these delicious bites provide. Imagine eating your favorite candies but in a whole new way!

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