Exploring the Galactic Candy Universe: What is the Difference Between Dehydrated vs. Freeze-Dried Candy

In the past few years, the popularity of futuristic space-themed candy has sky-rocketed to the moon and back with a large thanks to both dehydrated and freeze-dried candy. Today we’ll dive in deep to discover what each of these tasty treats is and the main differences between dehydrated candy and freeze-dried candy. So strap yourself into your space shuttle and get ready to blast off on a candy adventure full of sights, tastes, and deliciousness wrapped into one.


Difference #1: The Cosmic Process

Dehydration refers to the removal of moisture, either by increasing the heat candy is exposed to or by air-dying. This leaves the candy denser and more chewy than traditional candy. Think about if you left a packet of gummy worms open on your windowsill for a week. Those bad boys would be tough to chew for anyone!

Freeze-drying is when the moisture is removed by freezing the candy (never could have guessed!) and removing the frozen moisture in a vacuum, just like space! This results in a light and crunchy texture, like a delicious comet. Both of these processes remove the moisture which increases shelf life and maximizes the flavor profile of most candies!


Difference #2: Textures A Galaxy Apart 

candy about to be eaten on a plate

Dehydrated candies tend to be chewy and pliable, just like traditional gummy candies, and end up something like a dense asteroid, without the extinction of dinosaurs. Freeze-drying makes things light and airy with a distinctive *CRUNCH* making it perfect for candy, fruit, and all sorts of foods.


Difference #3: Taste Explosion

galaxy representing how freeze dried candy can taste

These different processes dramatically change the taste profile of most candies. Dehydrated candy often has highly concentrated flavors due to the way the moisture is removed slowly. Eating one straight after dehydration can make you think you’ve swallowed an exploding supernova. Freeze-dried candy leaves an even more intense and natural flavor, with no moisture you are just tasting the pure ingredients used in the candy’s recipe. It’s one small crunch for your teeth and one giant leap for your taste buds!


Difference #4: Ever-Expanding Shelf Life 

space shuttle lifting off carrying astronauts and freeze dried candy

Dehydrated candy often has a shorter shelf life compared to freeze-dried candy due to residual moisture content left over after the process is complete. This means tiny amounts of moisture can still be found within the candy which leaves the possibility of bacteria eventually breaking down the candy.

Freeze-dried foods are used by NASA astronauts during space exploration for two main reasons, no moisture means less weight to carry and an extremely long shelf life. You wouldn’t want to eat moldy strawberries on the way to Mars! This is the same for freeze-dried candy which has a significantly longer shelf life than dehydrated candy.


Difference #5: Weightlessness in Space

the dense candy planet of jupiter

Dehydrated candies are like dense candy planets, heavier than freeze-dried candies, making them less convenient for space travel and space-themed birthday parties. Freeze-dried candies are zero-gravity candies, lightweight, and easy to carry, making them a popular choice for events, snacks and adventures.


Explore Every Stop in the Candy Universe

As we journeyed through the cosmic candy universe, we discovered the remarkable distinctions between dehydrated and freeze-dried candies. Dehydrated candies, like dense candy planets, offer chewy indulgence, while freeze-dried treats, akin to weightless comets, deliver explosive flavors and a delightful crunch. Whether you’re exploring the final frontier or just satisfying your sweet tooth, why not embark on your own adventure? Try some freeze-dried candy today and taste the wonders of space in every bite. Join us in savoring the celestial! 🚀🌌🍬