Freeze-Dried Candy Wholesale

Interested in selling the highest-quality, best-priced, leading-brand freeze-dried candy on the planet?

Join us in helping candy lovers everywhere experience the future of candy!

full range of freeze dried candy wholesale bags available for wholesale purchase

Have your customers eat like ASTRONAUTS and enjoy their favorite candies and treats in a whole new way! Our freeze-drying process preserves and enhances the flavor while providing an entirely new texture and culinary experience!

Our wholesale freeze-dried candy comes in out-of-this-world retail packets. If you’re ready to purchase the best wholesale freeze-dried candy in the galaxy, contact mission control below with our secure form or email questions to [email protected]

Available now:

  • Rainbow Orbits
  • Sour Alien Worms
  • Peach Rings of Saturn

Coming soon:

  • Sour Taffy Planets


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