Freeze-Dried Candy Hacks, Tips & Tricks

two creative ways to use wholesale freeze dried candy shown by a colorful cocktail and more colorful slice of cake

Creative Ways to Use Wholesale Freeze-Dried Candy in Your Business

Freeze-dried candy is a versatile and exciting addition to science and space museums, family-focused activities, convenience stores, and all other businesses in the candy industry. The unique chewy texture and incredible tastes have launched wholesale freeze-dried candy into the stratosphere of trends, influencers, and profit. Don’t believe us, check out our wholesale customer testimonials! Here…
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Space themed candy and gifts

Selling Freeze-Dried Candy

Freeze-Dried Candy as a Business We know that not only is freeze-dried candy delicious, but it’s also a great product for any store to add to its inventory and introduce customers to! Check out our top tips for how to sell freeze-dried candy then blast off to our online freeze-dried candy shop to taste some…
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How to Freeze Dry Candy at Home

As freeze-dried candy experts, we know that those delicious crunchy, chewy candies are a taste adventure! Learning how to freeze-dry candy at home will open up so many flavors you don’t know what to do with! Just make sure you stop at candy and don’t try to freeze-dry soup! First of all, if you need…
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What’s The Best Candy to Freeze Dry?

Choosing the best candy to freeze dry can be difficult, even for the most experienced candy explorers! At Space Candy, we have dozens of different types of freeze-dried candy to choose from our Sour Alien Worms to Peach Rings of Saturn. The freeze-drying process makes a flavor so out of this world that NASA wanted…
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